Activities you can do at home or communities

 Social distancing at Rocky Mtn Assisted Living – hallway bingo using wheeled trays! 


Here are individual activities that you can do at home with items that you have around the house or communities. We will provided you more activities every Monday:


1.  Here are websites that you can take your residents to – virtually!














2. Here are two items that you can with you loved one or spouse:  













3.–  Three rhymes word games that are printable click here: doe-a-deer,  tons-a-fun,  and rain-words.

4.  Two missing letters that are printable click here: menstuff and  milkshake.  










5.  Geography game: The continents are colored and the residents has to guess the name of the continent.  The caregiver will have a cut out a names of the continents. Click here to download the PDF: Montessori-world-map-and-continents:colors


6. a)  Land, Air, and Water Animals Sorting Cards – Six animals that live on land, air and water. Click here to download the PDF:Air-Land-and-Water-Animals-Sorting-Cards.

6. b)  Sense of smell: Click here to download the PDF: Sense of smell

6. c)  Sand paper grades: Click here to download the PDF: Sandpapergrade












7.  Watercoloring painting or markers or colored pencils – Provide the coloring utensils and pages with black-and-white outlines of flowers, seasonal events (Easter) found online at https:// or (early stage dementia).  Select 2-3 pictures for each participant to choose from. Next, have them select a color for whichever picture they choose. For late stage dementia, pick their favorite color and begin coloring the picture for them and then you say “its your turn to coloring or paint”.



8. a)  Words & Letters: Printable word searchs ( 

8. b)  Cross word puzzles: Printable word searchs ( 

9.  Missing letters – object of the game is to find the letter missing for the words using letter tiles (from scrabble tiles or bananagrams ) click here for Missing Letter pagessportsand Beach. Letter tiles spelling a list of words -search on Google for a list of words (Presidents or Easter words or Springtime words) – click here to download the PDFEaster words.  Middle-Late stage dementia – have them find letters A, B, C, …


10.  Matching dominos or playing cards or NFL teams or go fish cards or Uno cards – if you have dominos or cards then place them on the scanner 9 randomly and copy them.  Now, they can match dominos or cards!





Stacking or sorting cubes or blocks or legos.  Think of something stackable in your house or community – plastic/paper cups, books, etc.  



    Lacing cards and holes & thread – Get your hole puncher, thread or yarn and paper plate or birthday card or holiday card out. Have your participant punch holes and begin lacing the card.  If you yarn, put tape around the end of the yarn to make a needle.  



      Play golf with your participant: you need a putter, 1-2 golf balls and box or cup (something to roll the ball into).  Bowling – bowling set or get a softball/tennis ball and 6 plastic bottle.



  Bead or button work – Find a string or shoe lace or pipe cleaner and have them put beads or buttons on it.



    Match the Letter to the object (S = sea horse) or photos of animals and marine life and sort them by water or on land.  Other subject are Sports or Baking or Spring Flower.   



          Organize silverware – Have the participant put silverware in the display case or if the organizing bins. 

 Have the participant put the plastic eggs together – two halves of the same colored egg.