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Photos & Montessori Activities

Arts & Crafts:  Painting, drawing, sculpting, handwriting in cornmeal, silver and brass polishing, wood polishing, prints of artwork, loom weaving, old time picture books, clay pot mosaic, breaking nuts and matching.

Activities Kitchen:  Fruit and spices smells, loud/soft sounds, hand and spoon scooping, pouring a pitcher, texture fabric matching, bread or pudding mixing, mystery bag, silverware display case and lint & folding.

Gardening will include a pot, soil, seeds or small plants.  Eggshell crushing, misting leaves, flower arranging and wreath making.

Women’s Boutique: We have coats, sweaters, hats, scarves, gloves and jewelry.  The ladies can browse through the store and their may take one or two items. The Junior League of Denver donated all the clothes for the boutique & pro shop.

Workbench and Sports:  Tool matching, sanding, build-a-box, nuts & bolts, flash light repair, poker hand, dice, playing card, lincoln logs, tackle box, fish casting, putting green, shoe shine, PicWics, and golf club polishing.