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About Us

The Sensory Outings Company is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, working for people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.  Our mission is to provide these special people with a life enrichment facility (Sensory Outings Center) that promotes self-worth and independence.  We believe people with Alzheimer's need a place to visit that allows them to participate in activities that they remember and enjoy.  Funding is provided through our programs.


Our Vision

We want our facilities to be an
integral part of the daily schedule of people with Alzheimer's and their caregivers and families.

Our Founding Team

Meghan Morrissey, Ph.D, Executive Director.  Through the 10 years experience Meghan and her family went through caring for her mother Gale, the idea and need for a facility such as Sensory Outings became apparent.  Meghan’s 15 years as a research professor at the Colorado School of Mines has provided her with the vision and understanding to develop this non-profit company and pursue her goal of creating a unique program for those living with dementia. Please read Gale's Journey to learn more about the need for Sensory Outings. 

Board Members

Jeannie Ney, Golden, CO. Register Occupational Therapist in geriatric treatment methods.

Suzanne Henn, Park Ridge, IL.  Marketing and Account Executive with experience as a Fundraising Developer for non-profits.

Jessica France, Denver, CO.  Health Care Administrator in health insurance and medical billing for-profit and non-profit companies

JoAnne Dinser, Lousiville, CO
. Registered Nurse in geriatric and pediatric programs.
Architect and Financial Team
William Brummett Architects (
Ken Hoagland at Community Capital Corp.

Jeannie Ney, Annie Bade.

Gale's Journey