Alzheimer’s Montessori Inspired Activities

Sensory Outings brings Montessori activities for early to late stage Alzheimer’s residents in the Denver metro area, Castle Rock and Longmont areas.  Sensory Outings professionals give individual interaction and maximum engagement so no sleeping or boredom occurs, and there is a lot for men to do.  In 2018, Mind Design games (click here to learn more) has donated their games to Sensory Outings for residents to enjoy.  Click here for an article about Montessori Methods (Today’s Geriatric Medicine).

Yea – we did the puzzle!

The Sensory Outings Company provides people with early stage to late stage Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia with activities that are sensory-based and taught by the Montessori method. The person with Alzheimer’s may seem to be living in the past but he or she still will enjoy the moment and engage in activities like swinging, blowing bubbles, or   painting, like he or she did when they were young (Wolfelt and Duvall, 2011). For a group, games are what they enjoy, but we keep it simple dominoes or playing cards.  One-on-one activities, the person with Alzheimer’s may or may not like the activity, so you have to give them several to choose from, so that they become engaged.


Knowing what the person with Alzheimer’s liked to do and what they did not like, or what they did at work, (e.g., an accountant or a teacher) provides insight to our staff.  Most people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia still have the energy and desire to do things but may lack the ability to organize, plan, initiate and successfully complete the task.  That is where Sensory Outings professionals step-in.

We offer a1 hour program  – mornings or afternoons – at a reasonable cost. Call now 303/717-5134 or

Montessori activities include Words & Numbers, Kitchen Activities, Men’s Work Area, Maps & Countries, Arts & Crafts, Sports & Games.  Examples of men’s work are build-a-box, nuts & bolts, pipes & tubes, tool matching, wrenches & screws, sanding, wood duck polishing, flash light repair, poker chips sorts, globe & maps, golf balls & mini-muffin tin. Examples of women’s activities are loom & weaving, cross stitching, dominoes, color matching, dough & cookies cutters, easel & painting, flower arranging and letters & words.

Assisted Living Communities

Residential Memory Care Homes

  • We provide one SOC professional to visit up to 8 residents in their residential home. 

Family Homes and Private (1-on-1) Visits 

  • We visit your spouse or family member in their own home or assisted living facility. First visit is free as an introduction to our staff and your loved one. They will get to know each other and our professional will understand what your loved one like to do (watercoloring, wood working, baking, playing card, etc.).  We will visit early evenings on the weekdays or weekends.  Our fee is $40/hr after that $20/30min (fee includes staffing, insurance, supplies and activities).  

  • For references email Aspen Hills ( or Assured Assisted Living ( (LeGasse Jr)).