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Videos of engaging residents with Sensory Outings activities:

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MorningStar at Arvada– Life Enrichment Coordinator, Robin Meehan:  “After watching your sensory outing videos we came away with many concrete strategies to set us and our residents up for activity success.  In particular loved the helpful hints regarding redirecting distracted residents and initiating  the engagement.  We have implemented many of the activities shown with great success.  Looking forward to building on the success of our programming utilizing the tools shown in your videos.  Thank you for all your help!”  August 23, 2022


Sensory Outings Company does not employ or recommend any care recipient or caregiver. Sensory Outings Company is a platform that provides tools to help care recipients and caregivers connect online. Each individual is solely responsible for selecting a care recipient or caregiver for themselves or their families, and for complying with all laws in connection with any employment relationship they establish.