Sensory Outings Company

Mission Statement

The Sensory Outings Company is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, working with people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia.  Our mission is to provide these special people with  life enrichment activities that promote self-worth and independence.  We believe people with Alzheimer’s need activities that they remember and enjoy.  Our funding is covered by the service fees and donations.

Denver Post Nov. 17, 2017 news article about Sensory Outings Company & Montessori methods – (click here) 

Founder Meghan Morrissey, Ph.D. (Executive Director) has 10 years experience caring for her mother Gale ( see Gale’s Journey).  The need for activities became apparent, and the idea for Sensory Outings was developed.  Meghan’s 15 years as a research professor at the Colorado School of Mines has provided her with the vision and understanding to develop this non-profit company and pursue her goal of creating a unique program for those living with dementia and memory loss.

Board Members

Jeannie Ney, Golden, CO. Register Occupational Therapist in geriatric treatment methods.

Suzanne Henn, Park Ridge, IL.  Marketing and Account Executive with experience as a Fundraising Developer for non-profits.

JoAnne Dinser, Lousiville, CO. Registered Nurse in geriatric.




Libby Soto from Sierra Rehabilitation & Care Community at Lakewood:

  • I love seeing how engaged the residents are! You guys are absolutely amazing! Thank you for all of your hard work 🙂

Rocci from Millbrook Homes:

  • Our house has a lot of fun when Sensory Outings visits. I have noticed as a caregiver, my ladies are sundowning less. They seem less anxious and more relaxed.”

Michelle Audet from Juniper Village at Aurora:

  • “Thank you Sensory Outings for fulfilling the spirit of our men and bringing back those memories for them to enjoy.”
  • “Our residents truly enjoy the variety of fun activities SOC brings helping them rediscover their “inner child” and to explore those skills that once came so easily to them. Residents are eager to paint to show off their Picasso works and sort to ensure everything in its’ right place. We truly enjoy SOC and their flexibility to work in our community.”

Ronda Knuth  AVA Sunrise Senior Living at Pinehurst:

  • What a great program with lots of variety and helpful staff.” 

Susan Jorgenson, Activities Coordinator at Spring Ridge Park Assisted Living:

  • Everybody needs to experience Sensory Outings! There is one-on-one interaction. Each activity is clever and well thought out – there is something for everyone.