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Dementia Activities
Make a daily activities routine for your client:
  • Stretching – arms, legs and neck.
  • Fold clothes or napkins or towels
  • Water plants, broom sweeping
  • Set table, polish silverware, dusting
  • Sort coupons by store name or discount amount.
  • Sorting colored pasta or beans or postage stamps
  • Count carrots or potatoes chips or coins
  • Make cookies or pudding or bread or a sandwich or …
  • Cut up (plastic knife) cucumber or tomatoes or banana or …
  • Matching playing cards or fabrics or …
  • Spelling with scrabble letters
  • Old maps and list of cities that the client has been to.
  • Golf club polishing or any other sport (tennis)
  • Flower arranging
  • Making holiday cards
  • Make a collage with old photos
  • Sing songs or rhyming
  • Judging length: ruler and measure random items around the house
  • Memory basket