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Online Dementia Activity Course Instructed by Montessori Method with Certification.

This course includes 11 videos on Sensory Outings Approach to dementia activity, eBook, quizzes and certification of $50-100.

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 Engage, enrich and involve your residents or loved-one

Whether you’re seeking a better understanding of dementia and activities to grow your professional skills or you want to learn Montessori Methods to do activities for memory care, Sensory Outings Co’s online course is a great place to start.


Explore our online activities course where you can learn about supporting individuals with dementia or traumatic brain injuries. The Sensory Outings Approach is a unique method for presenting individual activities within a group setting.  The flexibility of this approach allows you to personalize an activity to meet the individual’s interest and skill level.  Also, you will learn about planning and presenting activities for the various stages of dementia with advantages and outcomes


Our activity course is online, so you can start anytime and learn from the comfort of your home. Enroll online to dive into dementia activities to improve your profession or learn about interacting with your family member with dementia and earn yourself a certificate from Sensory Outings Company.