Online Dementia Activities Course

Online training course includes 11 videos on Sensory Outings approach to dementia activity, eBook, quizzes and certification of $65. 

Please view our marketing video about the online training course.

Explore our online activities course where you can learn about supporting individuals with dementia or traumatic brain injuries. The Sensory Outings Approach is a unique method for presenting individual activities within a group setting.  The flexibility of this approach allows you to personalize an activity to meet the individual’s interest and skill level.  Also, you will learn about planning and presenting activities for the various stages of dementia with advantages and outcomes

Our activity course is online, so you can start anytime and learn from the comfort of your home. Enroll online to dive into dementia activities to improve your profession or learn about interacting with your family member with dementia and earn yourself a certificate from Sensory Outings Company.

Here are the steps to enroll:

1.)  On the website: Click Buy $65 or Get Started Now.  

2.)  Next, enter your email address and first and last name and click Paypal.  

3.)  Next, Payment page.

4.) Once you’re sign-in, click on All Course at the top of the page and that will take you to the course.

5.) Click here to enroll:

After completing the online dementia activities course: Purchase the activities from the videos click here.



Testimonials about the online training course:

MorningStar at Arvada– Life Enrichment Coordinator (Robin Meehan):  After watching your sensory outing videos we came away with many concrete strategies to set us and our residents up for activity success.  In particular loved the helpful hints regarding redirecting distracted residents and initiating  the engagement.  We have implemented many of the activities shown with great success.  Looking forward to building on the success of our programming utilizing the tools shown in your videos.  Thank you for all your help!”  August 23, 2022


MorningStar at Applewood – Life Enrichment Assistant (Lori Howell):Meghan is great! We call her “The Mary Poppins of Memory Care” because when she shows up, magic happens. Residents that don’t engage on a regular basis suddenly show interest in her activities. She is a wonderful teacher and the online training videos are awesome. She has given me plenty of helpful advice and in the videos, especially for seeing impaired residents. She comes to our facility twice a month, and every time my desire to engage and my creativity are rekindled.”  May 1, 2023

MorningStar at Fort Collins – Life Enrichment Coordinator (Harlee Lininger):  After watching sensory outing videos I was amazed how our memory care residents responded.  I did learn a lot from the videos I think it was very helpful!”  October 31, 2022