Hi -The goal is simple, to use the bowling ball to hit the pins, and the person who does it with the least number of throws is the winner. Indoor bowling is a great activity that works best for people suffering from mild to moderate dementia. Studies have shown that other than puzzles, bowling, golfing, croquet, etc are another activity that can slow down the decline of the brain in dementia participants. Enjoy – Meghan (text me if you have questions 303.717.5134) 

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Golf with your participant: you need a putter, 1-2 golf balls and box or cup (something to roll the ball into the box or cup).  






Bowling – Early to middle stage can bowl.  Get a bowling set or get a softball/tennis ball and 6 plastic bottle.





    Bean bag toss – tabletop or regular.  Any stage dementia can throw a bean bag, encourage them.



Bocce ball – any stage dementia can throw a (colored) bocce ball.  They can sat or stand to throw the ball.  Make sure that they know where to the small white ball is at.  



    Croquet – You do not have to set-up a full croquet course just 2 or 3 hoops.  Early to middle stage dementia.   


Click on the basketball basket for the Old Laramie at the Peaks in Lafayette.

Balls and baskets – Have the participant throw the ball into the basket.  Place one basket near to the participant and one farther away.  Early to advanced stages dementia can participate.  Encourage those with advanced stage dementia. 




Ping pong  or billiards game – Early to advanced stages dementia can participate.  Encourage those with advanced stage dementia.  If they played ping pong or billiards in their youth, then they knew what to do with the paddle or stick!