SOC Activities Consultant will provide a Memory Care Community with the following:

  1. A copy of our Keep Them Smiling booklet ($35/booklet) for each of the Activities Director. The booklet provides insights to help you engage your residents and instructions on specific cognitive and physical skill levels (early to late stage dementia), how you prepare the environment, offer choice whenever possible, there is no right or wrong and foster a positive interaction among other vital details.
  2. Coaching the Activities Director and caregivers on the Sensory Outings approach from the booklet for several 1-hour sessions to initially guide them along – either a Zoom meeting or meet with them at their community.
  3. Each Memory Care Community  will purchase the Sensory Outings list of supplies and materials (see below for example) and containers or boxes to assemble the Sensory Outings Center or you may name it what you desire. The Activities Director may be creative by designing a Men’s Club or Women’s Club or Kitchen Club from SOC activities.  The Center can be set-up for a small groups of 1-2 people per table with 4-6 tables (social distancing) or individual resident’s rooms.
  4. Each month, we will have different activities but the same cognitive or physical skill levels such as sorting, matching or word games. SOC has created a list of all our activities from early to late stage dementia, that we have utilized for the past 8 years.
  5. Activities Consultant fee $55/hour.


Examples of SOC activities and supplies/materials you will use in your own Center:

  • Work Area: Sanding, build a box, nuts & bolts, flash light repair, pipe fitting, tool matching, golf balls and a muffin tin.
  • Supplies/Materials: Sandpaper and wood object, screws, screwdriving and 6-sided box with drilled holes, flashlight, batteries and light bulb, PVC piping and fittings, tools and name cards, 12 golf balls and muffin tin.

Price: sandpaper: $4.27, wing nuts and bolts: $14.00; screws: $8.97; wood: $8.50; screw driving: $0.97; flashlight: $3.65; batteries (D): $ 4.22; PVC: $7.00 (end pipe, 4 elbow and 4 tee); Golf balls: $3.00 and muffin tin: $4.30.   (Total: $58.88)

  • Activity Kitchen: Hand scooping, spicy smells, pitcher pouring, playdough, rolling pin and cookies cutters, napkin or towel folding, matching socks, sorting beans or colored pasta, silverware display chest.
  • Supplies/Materials: flour or rice and measuring cup, spices and bottles, pitcher and glass, ingredients for playdough and cookie cutters, linens and clothes basket, 3-6 matching socks, beans or colored pasta and small container, flatware and display chest.



Price:  Flour (5 lb): $2.19; measure cups: $2.19; rolling pin: $3.98; cream of tartar: $4.79;  Oil: $1.79; rice 32oz: $1.69; spices: $7.00 (garlic, onion, cinnamon, chili, paprika, pumpkin pie, sage), cookie cutters: $6.00; beans: $1.00; colored pasta: $2.00; flatware and display chest: $25.00.  (Total=$57.63)

  • Arts & Crafts: Easel watercolor painting, sculpture, drawing, and flower arranging.
  • Supplies/Materials: Tabletop easels (2), watercolor paint, clay and tools (sponge, loop tool, wire clay cutters, pro needle, boxwood tool, potter’s rib, ribbon tool and metal scrape), coloring pencils and coloring pages, plastic flowers and vase.

Price: 2 table easels $36.06 ($18.03 each); watercolor paint set 16 ct $3.49 each and 36 ct $9.99 each; clay $3.65 each, colored pencils 12 $0.99 each; plastic flowers $8.00 and vases $3.00  (Total: $65.18).

  • Words & Numbers: 3 letter word puzzles, missing letters, spelling with letter tiles, flash cards, missing numbers on a counting chart, dominoes.

  • Supplies/Materials: Big Word Little Word Puzzles, printout missing letters, scrabble tiles, flash cards numbers, printout counting chart, dominoes.

Price: Big Word Little Word Puzzles $23.94; letter tiles 200 pieces $7.90; flash cards $2.99; Think Tank Numbers & Counting Flash Cards , Number 0-20, Tens 30-100 $12.99; dominoes$5.18. (Total: $53)