Sensory Outings Company would like to offer our clients our activity boxes or bags that have easels/watercolors with spring themed coloring pages, loops and weaving, matching playing cards, dominos, tetris puzzles, words games, missing letters, 3-letter puzzles, coins and sorting, numbers, and lacing eggs that each resident will design and lace plus word search or other engaging activities.  Please see the Activities page for some of our activities.  There will be the list of the items in the container. 

Sensory Outings Company will spray the box or bag and items with disinfectant and place it at your front door. 

You can keep it for 7-10 days and return it by texting or email me to pick up the container.  Please suggest what your loved one’s interest or hobbies are and the stage (early to late) of dementia so we know what activities he or she may like.

Sensory Outings Company has a booklet “Keep Them Smiling” that outlines the Sensory Outings Approach for engaging those living with early to late stage dementia in fun, life-enriching activities.  Our approach, inspired by the Montessori Method, can be offered in group settings by activity professionals or at home by family caregivers.  The booklet offers instructions and illustrations for using easily obtained items to create activities that meet individual interests and skill levels.  

Sensory Outings Company now has videos or DVD of Tai Chi classes with Kelly as the instructor. 

The fees are $50 box and $35 bag, Tai Chi DVD $25 and booklet is $30.   Email or call 303.717-5134