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Spring 2023 Activities

A).Umbrella and RainBoot watercolor painting – Grey or any color colored pages, outline of a rainboot or umbrella, scissors, tape and watercolor set including water bowl








B). Playing Card Matching: This activity is matching playing cards and can be easily modified to adjust the difficulty level by limiting playing cards to be matched. 

Instruction for early stage: 

  1. You need to display 9 random cards on a page and copy that page; repeat this process to make 4 pages of random cards.
  2. Place the 4 pages on a table.
  3. Take the deck of cards and turn one card over to see if it matches one a card on the pages.
  4. If the card does match the copied card of the page then place it with the matching copied card.
  5. If the card does not match any of the copied cards of the pages, then discard it.
  6. Continue matching any the cards.

Middle-late stage: Take one of the card pages and a bag with 9 matching cards and have the resident match the cards.  If the resident completes the task, then give him/her another set of a card page and bag with 9 matching cards.


C). Lacing: The materials are yarn or shoelace, scissors, plastic needle with a large eyelet, and something to lace





Instruction for early stage: 

  1. Pick out an item to lace either a lacing cards or paper plate or foam plate they can design with stickers, and foam object like a soccer ball or Christmas tree or a Valentine’s heart that they can punch holes around then rim.
  2. Next, thread your plastic needle with yarn. If you don’t have a plastic needle then put some tape around the end of the yarn so your resident can lacing of the lacing card.
  3. With the plastic needle, thread the yard into the first hole and tie the end of the yarn to the rim of the lacing card. Next, thread to yard through the next hole, be sure that the pulled the yarn completely through.
  4. Do the same thing of the next hole.
  5. When you’re finished with lacing, used the scissors to cut the yarn and tie the end of the yarn off.

Middle-stage: The lacing cards are dark colored and large holes and the shoelace is a lighter color so the resident can see them better

D). Terracotta Flower Pot Wind Chimes:  Three different size pots, paint and yarn.








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